Dr. John Shen ist einer der wichtigsten Praktiker der Chinesischen Medizin im 20. Jahrhundert. Vor allem seine Adaption der klassischen Pulsdiagnose entsprechend unseren heutigen westlichen Lebensbedingungen ist von nicht zu unterschätzender Bedeutung. 1914 in Shanghai geboren, begann er mit 17 Jahren zweimal täglich zu meditieren. Eine Disziplin, die er die kommenden 70 Jahre beibehalten sollte. Die Pulsdiagnose, die ich in meiner Praxis anwende, basiert auf seinen Erkenntnissen.

If you die tomorrow you can worry then.

It is very important to know yourself. For example I know how much work I can do and how much I need to rest. One must know ones own body condition. This is very important. I tell my patients: If you go to the hospital for a check-up and the doctor tells you that you have cancer or some other serious disease and could die in a few days, don't worry! You must say: Now I'm alive and can do something about it: rest and sleep. If you sustain your energy and don't let it disappear you needn't worry about any disease.

In my life I have had many dangerous moments. One time I was in Hong Kong when the Japanese came. I was walking in the street when the Japanese opened fire with machine guns. People either side of me were killed but I didn't worry. My mind was clear. I knew that if I ran I might be mistaken for a soldier and get shot. I have fallen from trains and been hit by a car but I was never hurt because I didn't worry. I was in a car accident when the car took off and turned over. It only loosened my teeth a bit. It is very important to have a clear mind and not to worry, worry is no use.

When I treat patients I always tell them not to worry. Today you're still alive. If you die tomorrow you can worry then. You still have 24 hours. If you worry, it makes your whole life go wrong and weakens your energy. If you weaken your energy like this, even if you haven't got a disease, you will get one. If you sustain your energy, you can overcome any disease. This is most important to understand in medicine.

Transcript of the second seminar given by Dr. Shen in England, first published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine, No 2, Autumn 1979.

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